iNQCoders: News

2002. november 20.

A small GIF image decoder source released, because of a request by James Mills on FPC-list.

2002. june 15.

Our beloved friend, who also was the original creator of this page, Zsolt 'KiD/iNQ' Szabó (1976-2002) has passed away, after long years of suffering in cancer. His memory will be with us forever.

2001. july 3.

Inquisition .3DS Loader version 0.4.7 released.

2001. july 2.

Inquisition Video Server version 2.0.2 released.

2001. june 29.

Inquisition Sound Server updated to version 0.2.1.
New screenshot of ISS for OS/2.
Reflections binary link updated.
Scenergy now hosts a new mailing list for hungarian demoscene-coders. If you are interested please subscribe at

2001. march 1.

Page moved to our new server. Links and email addresses updated.
Inquisition Sound Server updated to version 0.2.0.
ISS Timer Services Unit updated to version 1.1.1.

2000. august 7.

Inquisition Sound Server uploaded. Links for the timer and Reflections are updated. Page advertised on the FPC and Coder-L mailing lists.

2000. march 29.

Major update on the page, first sources available.

1999. october 25.

A preview version of the page is placed on the server.

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